Fun Facts

Kings Bay Pediatrics was founded in 1975 by Drs. Phil Paul and Ken Flicker.  It was originally called Flicker and Paul, then later Flicker, Paul and Goldberg.  By the time Dr. Keller joined in 1990 it was more commonly called Kings Bay Pediatrics. 

This is our fourth office!  Some of our second (and third!) generation families have been in all four, as have some of our office staff!  We pride ourselves on welcoming everyone to the Kings Bay family, and hope your family will be with us for generations. 

Dr. Danielle Squires is a "second generation" pediatrician.  She was a Kings Bay patient throughout her childhood, and we are thrilled that she joined the practice in 2014. She is also our social media director!

"Like" us on Facebook.  Dr. Squires keeps things up to date - there is always something new to read. 

We are proud to partner with the Children's Trust ( Reach Out and Read Program.  Remind us to provide your child with a Reach Out and Read book at well child visits from 6 months - 5 years of age.  Enroll online in the Read to Learn book club to receive a monthly book in the mail at no charge from 36 - 48 months.

We have special ties with the Hemophilia Walk (through Dr. Dones) and the Downs Syndrome Walk (through Dr. Pinera-Llano), and hope you will join us one year. 

Why the Brittos?  Romero and Cheryl Britto's son was our patient as a boy.  The Britto family generously gifted us with several of the beautiful paintings you will see around the office, and over the years we ran with it - making them the centerpiece of our South Florida theme.  Check out the Britto reading room by the nurses station. We hope you will enjoy finding local images and people you recognize on our walls. 

Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of our breastfeeding room.  (It's small, but mighty!)  Diaper Genies and changing tables are located in both bathrooms for your convenience. 

Parking tips - Covered Parking is available on P1, P2 or P3.  Take the elevator to 3 and follow the signs for Suite 320.  There is a stairway to the left of the elevator from P2 and P3 if you don't mind a short flight of stairs.  There is also plenty of outdoor parking on the east side, behind the building.  

Au Bon Pan will be opening soon on the first floor!

We will make every effort to see you quickly and efficiently, and hope your visit with us, well or sick, is a pleasant one.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do better!